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China's powder coating, epoxy resin, polyester resin brand of choice!


Anhui Meijia new materials Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise that specialized in powder coatings and epoxy resin, polyester resin R&D, production and sales, company listed in 2014 August in new over-the-counter market (Stock Code: 831053) and it become China's first powder coating listed company.


  • 1、Epoxy powder coating 
    2、Pure polyester powder coating
    3、Epoxy / polyester powder coating
    4、Polyurethane powder coating
    5、Acrylic powder coating

  • 1、Bisphenol A solid epoxy resin
    2、Bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin
    3、Bisphenol A solution type epoxy resin

  • 1、TGIC curable polyester resin
    2、HAA curable polyester resin
    Polyester resins for indoor powder coatings
    1、Epoxy curable polyester resin:50/50 mixed resin
    2、Epoxy curable polyester resin:60/40 mixed resin
    3、Epoxy curable polyester resin:70/30 mixed resin

China's first powder coating listed companies中国首家粉末涂料上市企业

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Anhui Meijia New Materials Co., Ltd.
Tel:0553-7718189  Fax:0553-7718500
Address:Economic Development Zone, Fanchang County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province
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